Bio Fuels

Ethanol, Methanol & Bio-Diesel

Alternative fuel sources have become a reality and our government has introduced the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO) to ensure that fuel sold on forecourts contains a certain percentage of bio fuel. BMS provides ethanol, methanol, and bio-diesel manufacturers, blenders, distributors, and retailers a full line of liquid measurement solutions. Whether you need a solution to deliver, store, dispense, or blend a renewable fuel, BMS is the company of choice.

We offer a range of Preventive Planned Maintenance (PPM) services, such as HYPERLINK Calibration HYPERLINK and HYPERLINK Tank Inspections HYPERLINK to remedying defects in storage or dispensing equipment.


We also supply a range of equipment specifically aimed at bio fuel industries; including high accuracy HYPERLINK Piston Flow Meters HYPERLINK ideal for lower flow rates (up to 189LPM) where higher accuracy is required, our classic HYPERLINK 700 Series HYPERLINK for higher flow rates (up to 3785LPM!), our brand new cost-effective electronic register the HYPERLINK EMR4 HYPERLINK and our new Flow Computer, the HYPERLINK TCS3000 HYPERLINK.