Refined Fuels

Fuelling Depots, Storage Terminals & Refineries

From delivery depots to oil refineries, we know the safety and accuracy of product is of paramount importance. We provide a range of products and services to see that fuel is transfered securely and accounted for at every step of the process.

Fuelling Depots

Typically involving the transfer of fuel from tanks to road trucks that transport the goods to their customers, we understand that keeping the skids and road tankers running efficiently is key. To do this, we provide proactive and reactive servicing to the majority of the UK's home delivery depots, including the installation and/or replacement of Flow Meters, Registration Equipment, Couplings, Tank Gauging and everything in between specifically designed for Petrol, Diesel, Gas Oil, Kerosone, Heavy Fuel Oil, Bitumen, Marine Gas Oil and Aviation Fuels (Avgas/JetA1).

With over 100 years' experience, we can help with your fuelling requirements!

We supply a range of equipment specifically aimed at fuelling depots; including high accuracy HYPERLINK Piston Flow Meters HYPERLINK ideal for loading into a road tanker, our brand new cost-effective electronic register the HYPERLINK EMR4 HYPERLINK and the famous tank gauging system, the HYPERLINK TLS4 Series HYPERLINK.

Storage Terminals & Refineries

For the larger companies operating in this sector, we provide a comprehensive range of products and tailor made services. Whether you're looking to repair, update or expand a site, BMS offer anything from single repairs, to complete turn key project management. Can can help from the conception and design stage through to fitting and maintenance.

We supply a range of equipment specifically aimed at terminals and refineries; including high volume HYPERLINK Rotary Vane Flow Meters HYPERLINK ideal for large and continious volumes, the brand new HYPERLINK TCS 3000 electronic flow computer HYPERLINK and the world renowned HYPERLINK Varec Tank Gauge HYPERLINK.