Sky is the Limit at Bristol Airport

BMS ltd in partnership with LCM Environmental get Bristol Airport Fire Service prepped for winter.

Flying is an increasingly controversial subject, hardly a week goes by without the environmental impact of aviation being debated in the media, it is therefore, increasingly important to make sure that airports and their entire supporting infrastructure are operating in the most efficient and economical way possible, that is where companies like LCM Environmental and ourselves come in. We support the aviation and other industries with a number of services all geared towards the smooth continuation of their customer’s core business. Before we get onto how LCM and BMS were able to assist Bristol Airport whilst minimising disruption, let’s look at some surprising facts about the South West facility and the aviation industry, courtesy of


- CO2 emissions for Bristol Airport account for less than 1% of the total south west region.
- Aviation as a whole contributes to less than 2% of global greenhouse emissions.
- Modern aircraft are 70% more fuel efficient than they were 40 years ago.
- Bristol airport has one of the smallest noise footprints of any airport of comparable size in the UK.


LCM Environmental ltd. have provided specialist services to the petroleum and fuels industry as well as independent operators since 1987, such services include retail site tank decommissioning, tank cleaning, spill response and fuel quality management. Throughout their 29 year life span they have acquired a reputation for safety, innovation and customer service. It is that reputation which prompted Bristol Airport’s Chief Fire Officer Gary O’ Neill to contact LCM and ask them to carry out an NDT test on their de-icer tanks, the test revealed they need to carryout repairs to the legs of the tanks which were displaying signs of corrosion, so to prolong the life expectancy of the tanks and ensure environmental safeguarding the solution to this issue was for LCM to reinforce all of the legs on the tanks.


Whilst carrying out the NDT test, the engineers at LCM noticed the existing tank gauges were quite dated, worn and seemed to be inaccurate, after a discussion with Gary, the decision was made to contact us, as a trusted partner, with a view to fitting new gauging.


We are a family run SME based in Kent; and are the proud distributors for TCS Flowmeters, Veeder-Root mechanical and electrical registration equipment and also Veeder-Root and Varec Tank Gauges. We also provide a multitude of services such as meter calibrations, servicing and maintenance as well as the installation and maintenance of tank gauges. After initial discussions with both LCM and Bristol Airports Fire Service, we sent our skilled engineers over to Bristol Airport and over the course of a few days fitted new gauges onto all of the de-icer tanks, the end result is a far more accurate system fitted with an overspill alarm which brings the facility up to a much higher standard.



CFO Gary O’ Neill said: “We have an excellent relationship with LCM due to the quality of their workmanship and support they provide. We look forward to a close working relationship in the future.  We were also really impressed with BMS and are very satisfied with the new gauges they installed. We hope to use both companies again in the future”



L-R: CFO Gary O'Neil with LCM' Brian Nelson and BMS' Paul Rowley.


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