Defence Services

Specialist Defence Facilities Management Fuels Support Services

Bulk Meter Services Limited provides a complete range of mechanical and CompEx electrical services, asset management, civil engineering, tank and fuel services to support the Defence Sector.


This includes Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), ad-hoc and reactive servicing & repairs, installation works and project management, using our team of dedicated nationwide specialist technicians who all hold the necessary site permit passes and security clearances. All works carried out to the current MOD regulations (JSP317, JSP375 as well as DMG14-PG06/12 , PG04/12,PG05/12).


Services & Areas of Works :-

  • MTFI (Motor Transport Fuelling Installations)
  • BFI (Bulk Fuel Installations)
  • POL (Petrol, Oil & Lubricant Installations)
  • Meter, Pumps & Filter Fitment/Repairs/Calibration
  • Generators
  • Fuelling Hydrant Systems
  • Tanker Off-Loading & Fill Points
  • Fuel Tanks & Associated Pipework – Including Installation/Tank Gauging/Testing & Inspection To OFTEC Regulations/NDT (Non Destructive Testing)/Ultrasonic Testing/Leak Line Testing/Tank Cleaning/Fuel Testing/Interstical Testing- Stage 1 bVR Testing/Vacuum Testing/Fuel Quality Testing/Fuel Cleaning/Application of Cathodic Protection and Protective Coatings and Linings
  • PVRVs (Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves) Testing & Installation
  • Fuel Tank Decommissioning
  • Interceptor Inspections & Cleaning
  • Bund Inspection & Repairs
  • Fuel Uplift & Transfer Services
  • Full Electrical CompEx Testing Services
  • Civil Engineering
  • General Asset Management
  • Ground Fuelling Couplings – Supply/Testing/Repairs
  • Hose & Gauge Testing
  • PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) Testing & Installation
  • Mechanical Fuel Meter Registration Units – Supply/Installation/Repairs
  • Fuels/Oils Storage Surveys & Reports

We operate as a Tier 1 preferred supplier to MOD Sites, both in the UK and overseas, and currently look after over 119 Sites in the UK alone. We have carried out over 10,000 defence site inspections/visits over the last 6 years and are proud to have a 100% Compliance and Safety Record with the MOD Defence sector.