Calibration Services

BMS have been accurately Calibrating all brands of Flow Meters for decades.

Calibration involves comparing the clients meter against another reference meter or vessel, that has been tested by a third party, normally a suitable Trading Standards Office, to UKAS traceable standards.

There is no doubt that a properly organised calibration program can appear to be costly, however there can be huge hidden costs associated with using non calibrated meters. Accurate measurement of volume is vitally important in today’s ever changing market place – both for financial reasons (meter errors can quickly result in large financial losses), environmental issues and stock control.


The best calibration results are normally obtained if the meter can be tested on site, under its normal operating conditions. Calibration should be carried out on a regular basis, at intervals to suit the clients audit requirements, usually anything from quarterly to annually.


Calibration is a specialised field, requiring a detailed knowledge of many diverse flow instruments, properties and behaviour of the materials being monitored and a practical working knowledge of all the variables that can affect accuracy.The test results are recorded and fully traceable certificates are issued. Historical calibration data can be used in the identification of possible future problems with the flow meter, and remedial works can be advised avoiding expensive complete meter failures.


BMS employ various different test equipment, in order to cope with most client requirements – from large 3850 LPM reference meters to small piston meters that are capable of 1 LPM. We also use small volumetric proving cans (5, 10 or 20 Litres) where required.