Preventative Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance or PPM, also commonly referred to as planned or scheduled maintenance, is essentially a scheduled maintenance routine, set out to ensure machinery, services and equipment are all maintained at regular intervals.

This helps to:


  • Minimise partial or complete failures, and thus minimises business operation interruptions and downtime, helping to avoid any costly failures, inconvenience and loss of productivity.
  • Ensure the correct performance of equipment / plant – for example, an accurate, reliable and fully supported flowmeter device or complete flow measurement system, can save customers money over the long term life of the device, as it keeps the system functioning to its best accuracy.
  • Frees up customer resources to deal with the normal day to day operational requirements.
  • Reduce costs & risks when compared to operating a reactive repair program (Reactive maintenance carries far greater risk and if the repair process drags out, may cost you a great deal more in the long run).

This is why having a professional specialist company like BMS, with many years of experience, dealing with all types of liquid management systems and equipment maintenance, taking the pressure off the customer and all the above concerns, makes complete sense –potential problems can be identified before they occur and obsolete or malfunctioning items are dealt with, quickly and with minimal disruption.

We offer full scheduled maintenance / calibration contracts, to suit each customer’s specific site requirements.