Tank & Pipework Services

Experts In The Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Tanks & Pipework


We understand that installing a new tank can be complicated. We carry out expert analysis and surveys on your behalf to provide recommdations on the best setup and type of tanks to use. We are able to offer complete installation of tanks and pipework, whether it be adding a simple above-ground tank or a complete turnkey package. 


Regular tank testing should accompany routine inspections to minimise the risk of tank failure, fuel contamination and potentionally lethal leakage. We perform inspections and testing to current OFTEC regulations - on top of this we are able to offer Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Ultrasonic Testing, Leak/Line Testing, Interstical Testing, Stage 1 bVR Testing and Vacuum Testing. We are also able to offer fuel sample testing and polishing (fuel cleaning). For any inspections carried out we provide all relevant testing certificates and any advice on remedial works that may be required.

Compliance with environmental legislation is paramount, but without a full understanding of the many regulations, this can prove a daunting and time consuming task. This is why we offer a full environmental audit service using the Environment Agency Guidance document PPG2 as our yardstick and are able to issue full Environmental Surveys of Installations to DEFRA and PPG Standards.


Storage tank maintenance and repair should only ever be entrusted to specialist professionals to minimise the risk of tank failure and the subsequent economic enviromental penalities. We have many years' experience of cleaning and maintaining all types of storage tanks, from retail forecourts to major refinery and military holding tanks. Our aim is to return tanks to safe and efficient use within the shortest possible time.

We offer tank maintenance services, including: tank, bund & interceptor cleaning, inspections, re-lining and repairs.


Decomissioning (Removal or Filling)
If it is decided that a tank is to be decommissioned, BMS are able to help you achieve this. We are able to assist with either the complete tank removal from above and below ground or, where appropriate, the filling of underground tanks. Extreme care should be taken when removing decomissioned tanks, where the risk of contamination is at its highest. 


Tank Gauging

We are able to offer a bespoke tank gauging solution from a simple one tank system to a vast fuelling network. We are authorised distributors and service agents for Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Varec, the two premier tank gauging solutions manufacturers. For more details on our tank gauging products, please click here ****HYPERLINK****(link to Tank Gauging Context)****HYPERLINK****


Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve (PVRV)

We can install and test Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves (PVRV). These are protection devices that are typically mounted on a nozzle opening on the top of a fixed roof atmospheric storage tank, their primary purpose is to protect the tank against rupturing or imploding.

Pipework Products &Services

Alongside the above, BMS are able to supply and install various pipeline types (whether Steel or Durapipe to suit requirements). We offer a wide range of ancillary products including:


  • Valves (Gate, Globe, Plug, Ball, Butteryfly, Check, Diapraghm, Pinch, Pressure Relief & Control Valves ***HYPERLINK PRESSURE & CONTROL TO OCV****
  • Filters, Air Eliminators & Strainers (contact us with requirements)
  • Pumps (Positive Displacement - Rotary Gear, Piston, Diaphragm - Centrifugal & Axial-Flow
  • Flow Meter (Piston, Rotary Vane, Oval Gear, Nutating Disk, Turbine & Mass Meter ***HYPERLINK TO FLOW METERS CONTEXT***
  • Hoses & Nozzles
  • Industrial Dry Break & Specialist Couplings ***HYPERLINK TO INDUSTRIAL COUPLINGS***

We are able to offer complimentary services for these including installation, maintenance, calibration, repair and testing.